Intelligent, precise, and convenient
Lens focusing with high speed and precision
Support automatic or manual focusing with one click switching function
Platform can be automatically moved in and out ,  conveniently for putting slides. 
60X Plan Achromatic objective is for morphology analysis. No add oil, easy to handle and maintain. 
Average testing time of each concentration / motility,morphology and DNA fragmentation sample was less than 30s. 

Intelligent software
Constructed by a professional medical image processing team and a professional application team with nearly 10 years experiences.
Constructed with nearly 100 thousand test sample data learning.
Available for samples with different concentration , impurity level, and exposures.
Available for  sperm concentration/ motility test, morphology and DNA fragmentation analysis.

Precise consumables
• Disposable double chamber slide
Separate design with 10μm chamber depth, for accurate results.

•​ High flatness slide
3mm thickness of the slide,improves the flatness of the slide surface compared with the ordinary 1mm thickness slide. 
The multiple surface treatment technology makes the  slide surface have more than 95% hydrophilic, better adhesion to semen,easy to spread on the surface of the slide.

Quality control consumables
• Microsphere suspension (QC beads)
Used for concentration QC. Each box contains high and low concentration vial each.
QC charts can be created to assess accuracy.
Provides a variation range to evaluate concentration accuracy.

•​ Morphological standard smear
Used for morphological quality control.
Verify the accuracy of instrument analysis.
Evaluate the operational stability of inspectors.