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EQ-IVM™ Oocyte Maturation Medium
For the in vitro maturation of equine oocytes in the laboratory.
Supplemented with equine-specific gonadotrophic hormones and gentamycin.

EQ-SemenPrep™ Semen Preparation Medium
For the preparation of semen prior to ICSI.
Dual purpose medium optimised for washing and swim up sperm preparation.
Avoids the toxicity of traditional gradients; supports a gentler centrifugation 
process; and allows for fewer steps than traditional processes.

The EQ-ICSI Kit provides the entire collection of media required for the ICSI step, conveniently packaged into a kit of 4 x 1 ml vials:
EQ-Strip – medium to facilitate the removal of cumulus cells from matured oocytes, contains hyaluronidase.
EQ-PCM – medium for coating the injection pipette to avoid sperm adhering inside the tip.
EQ-ICSI – HEPES buffered ICSI medium, maintains the pH during the procedure.

EQ-IVC-1™ and 2™ Embryo culture two step media
For in vitro culture of equine embryos after ICSI with low glucose (EQ-IVC-1™).
Supplemented with BSA, vitamins, amino acids, anti-oxidants and gentamycin.
For in vitro culture of day 5 equine embryos to blastocyst with high glucose (EQ-IVC-2™).

EQ-Hold™ Oocyte holding medium
Does not require CO2 equilibration (HEPES-buffered).
Formulated to hold oocytes at room temperature for up to 24 hours without initiating maturation.

EQ-VitriCool™ Vitrification Cooling Media Kit
For the vitrification of equine embryos and oocytes.
Suitable for both in vivo and in vitro derived equine embryos.
Ethylene glycol and DMSO based formula.

EQ-VitriWarm™ Vitrification Warming Media Kit
For the warming of equine embryos and oocytes following vitrification.
Suitable for both in vivo and in vitro derived equine embryos.
Supplemented with macromolecules such as sucrose and albumin to help reduce physical damage and help maintain osmotic pressure of the extracellular fluid.

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