The ECLIPSE Ti2 delivers an unparalleled 25mm field of view (FOV) that revolutionizes the way you see. With this incredible FOV, the Ti2 maximizes the sensor area of large-format CMOS cameras without making compromises, and significantly improves data throughput.

NAMC (Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast)
This is a plastic-compatible, high-contrast imaging technique for unstained,transparent samples such as oocytes. NAMC provides pseudo-three-dimensional images with a shadow-cast appearance. The direction of contrast can be easily adjusted for each sample.


The Nikon spindle observation system visualizes the spindle with circularly polarized light and it is easy to check the position and shape of the spindle. The zona pellucida is colored red and blue alternately every 90 degrees and the color of the inner spindle is also displayed in red or blue corresponding to the color of the zona pellucida. For this reason, it is easy to distinguish the spindle from other intracellular structures.

DlC (Differential Interference Contrast)
Nikon's highly-regarded DIC optics provide uniformly clear and detailed images with high resolution and contrast through out the magnification range. DIC prisms are individually tailored for each objective lens to provide the highest-quality DIC images for every sample.

Manual type suitable for research and clinical applications. Recommended for use with micromanipulators and laser systems.


Manual model with imaging capability for laser applications. Intelligent features provide interactive guidance through imaging workflows and automatically detect microscope status.


Motorized and intelligent model for advanced imaging applications. Compatible with PFS, auto correction collar, and external phase contrast system. The base of choice for live-cell imaging, high-content applications, confocal and super-resolution.