Manipulation System

IW-A950、IW-A1350、IW-A1800 SERIES

Stable and Uniform Vertical Laminar Flow
Vertical Laminar Flow and the velocity range is 0.2~0.5m/s. The air velocity deviation is less than 10%.
Activated carbon pre-filters and HEPA filters (H14) are also included to provide ISO class 5 clean local environment.

Accurate Temperature Control
Stainless steel heating table surface with high excellent accuracy at ± 0.1℃ and uniformity at ± 0.2℃.
The 90mm diameter heated glass plate with ITO coating provides excellent accuracy at ± 0.1℃ and a large transmission illumination area.

Anti-vibration Table
Mechanical isolation completely separates the inverted microscope on the anti-vibration table from the workstation table to isolate vibrations from the fan and manipulation.
Spring steel anti-vibration system and damping foot pad isolate vibrations from the ground.

Visualized and Convenient Operation
Intuitive multi-function touch screen can provide real-time temperature control, function setting, operation monitoring, appointment switch on/off , alarm setting, etc.