Manipulation System

IW-A950, IW-A1350, IW-A1800, IW-B1800 SERIES

Stable & Uniform Vertical Laminar Flow
Vertical laminar flow & average airflow 0.2~0.5m/s
ISO Class 5 clean air achieved through VOC
& HEPA filters

Excellent Temperature Control
U-shaped heated surface, temperature accuracy ±0.1℃ and uniformity ±0.2℃

φ90mm ITO heated glass provides excellent
temp. accuracy and a large transmission illumination area

Anti-vibration Table
Built-in anti vibration table provides an ideal environment for operating microscopes and micromanipulation system
Improved anti-vibration system (optional) greatly reduces
the vibration of buildings, subways, urban railways, etc. to
improve unfavorable operating environments

Visualized & Convenient Operation
multifunctional touch screen provides real-time temperature control, function settings, operation monitoring, appointment on/off, alarm setting, etc.

IW-B1800 series
Equipped with RFID identification module
10.1-inch multi-function screen, 23.8-inch monitor
Integrated CO2 Incubator (x1/2)
Optional Configurations:
TVOC Detector
PM0.5 Detector

Storage Space
Mouse and Keyboard Shelf

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